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22nd March 2018

Eddy Diget, 73

Eddy is a personal trainer at DW Fitness. He is also a kung fu master, a two-time British body-building champion and a stuntman.

You are never too old to get fit
So much of fitness is in the mind; people get older and are told they can’t do things, so they decide they can’t. My clients go right up to the age of 89. I always reassure people that just because they may have never trained before, they are never too old to start. I get very emotional training people – I feel very privileged to be helping others in this environment. Even if the gym isn’t for you – it’s important to find something you like, even if it’s just walking, and do it on a regular basis.

Having time to yourself is important
Although I am an extrovert, I like being away from people, shutting down and doing my own thing. When I go fishing, I smoke a cigar, listen to the radio and relax. I have to recharge my batteries.

Communication is the secret to a happy marriage
I’ve been married twice. Some marriages are made in heaven, some in hell. I couldn’t wish for a better woman than my current wife, Jill. We decided to move in together and get married within days of meeting. 35 years on, we are still going strong. If either of us is not happy with something, we don’t store it – we talk about it. We have different interests, but we try to find time to be included in what the other does. And we make each other laugh.

Get on with things
Retirement is fine if that’s what you want. Some people want to put their feet up and relax but I have always wanted to live my life to the full. I tell people to try not to think about ‘if’ and just get on with things. Don’t listen to other people – if something feels right in your gut, you should probably go with it. One of my Chinese martial arts masters once said to me – ‘it’s not how the journey starts that is important, it’s how it finishes.’ If I dropped dead this second, I have enjoyed my life to the full, I’ve loved the journey.

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