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22nd March 2018

Eddy Diget, 73

Eddy is a personal trainer at DW Fitness. He is also a kung fu master, a two-time British body-building champion and a stuntman.

You are never too old to get fit
So much of fitness is in the mind; people get older and are told they can’t do things, so they decide they can’t. My clients go right up to the age of 89. I always reassure people that just because they may have never trained before, they are never too old to start. I get very emotional training people – I feel very privileged to be helping others in this environment. Even if the gym isn’t for you – it’s important to find something you like, even if it’s just walking, and do it on a regular basis.

Having time to yourself is important
Although I am an extrovert, I like being away from people, shutting down and doing my own thing. When I go fishing, I smoke a cigar, listen to the radio and relax. I have to recharge my batteries.

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