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Tim Drake
2nd January 2018

Tim Drake, 73

Tim relaunched his career in his fifties when he lost everything to the recession. He went on to work in consultancy and has also launched a successful writing and speaking career. He has recently released his latest book, Generation Cherry, offering inspiration for people approaching retirement.

It is possible to start all over again
I was very successful for much of my life but in my late 40s I hit the buffers and went from being a multi-millionaire on paper to having no job, no income and no pension. I had two kids at the time, aged four and six – so I was shitting myself. Having a young family, you can’t just feel sorry for yourself, you have to get on and do something. So I ended up starting all over again.

The best things in life really are free
We had always tried to keep our children grounded, even when we were wealthy, but then we got to test it out for real. It turns out, thrift can actually be beneficial and cleansing. It’s all about mindset. If you think about it, anything that’s worthwhile is free; music, love, friendship, nature. In retrospect, I am so glad about how things turned out. It taught me that you can go through tough times and come out of the other side better for it.

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