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9th July 2018

Dr. Charles Darby Jr, 85

An accomplished paediatrician and philanthropist, Dr. Charles Darby Jr. has dedicated his life to children’s health and wellbeing.

Playing sport can get you places
I grew up in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, a small fishing village just outside of Charleston. When I wasn’t helping my dad in the family boatyard, I was playing ball. All I thought about was sports. Football, basketball, baseball – I loved them all, but was most suited for football. I guess I must’ve been good at it too because the state’s military college recruited me. My parents didn’t go to college, and I hadn’t given much thought to it myself. When I got the call to play football, I thought “Why not?”

Aim high and don’t be afraid to change course
I liked biology and was making good grades at The Citadel, so I decided to make something of myself and switched my major from business administration to pre-dentistry. On a lark, I applied to the University of Virginia dental school and was immediately accepted. About a year later, I returned home to Charleston to study medicine. I enjoy kids and was drawn to paediatrics from the beginning. Adults generally don’t take care of themselves, which is frustrating. Kids usually get well.

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