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31st July 2019

Dominique Afacan, 39, Helen Cathcart, 38

A blog? A website? A movement? When we started Bolder back in 2015, we weren’t entirely sure how to label it. We just knew we had to do something to change the conversations we kept hearing about ageing. The negativity was rubbing off on us. We were both in our mid-thirties, and yet we were scared of growing older. It was ridiculous. We knew that. So we sat down with a bottle of wine one night and came up with a plan for Bolder. We’d meet a bunch of cool people over the age of 70, interview them, photograph them – and then upload them to our website, our blog, our… thing. And we’d feel better.

It was pretty much a passion project back then, our bit on the side – something we did when we weren’t doing our real jobs. We loved it right from the start, but we simply had no idea it would strike a chord with so many people. We never thought we’d be speaking to thousands of people about it within six months of launching. We didn’t think we’d still be doing this as we approach our 40th birthdays. We would never have imagined in a million years that it would lead to a book deal. But here we are. With a book launching in September. It’s ridiculously exciting.

It seems we are all scared about growing older. And Bolder helps. Bolder has made us (and you) realise that there is no deadline on happiness, there is no cut-off on being relevant, active and successful. Ageing is a gift – and we’re rewarded with it every second, every hour, every day – if we’re lucky. Our book is about growing older but it’s also about love, sex, regrets, success, style, beauty and death. The people we’ve interviewed have so much to teach us about all of it. We can’t wait for you to meet them.

‘Bolder – life lessons from people older and wiser than you, ‘ published by Hardie Grant, is available to pre-order now from Amazon and other retailers. Click HERE to order your copy. 




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